Hello, Pop up!

19 Jul 2020 by

Promo Banner introduces a new kind of familiar banner today - the pop up banner!


Promo Banner Pop ups are customizable with pre loaded illustrations, styles, and behaviors. Unlike the top banner, pop ups are unavoidable. Once loaded into your shopper’s browsing window, the shopper must close out of the pop up to continue shopping.

Shopping remains uninterrupted for the life of their shopping session, but when they come back your pop up is waiting for them! When we say “shopping session” we’re talking about the life of their browser window. It’s technical name is a session cookie.

Set the pop up to appear immediately or delay it a few seconds. We plan to add settings such as an “exit intent” trigger as well as a “on scroll” trigger. Exit intent triggers are famous for loading a popup as a user’s mouse moves towards the edge of the browsing window. On the other hand, an “on scroll” triggers activate the pop up when the page starts to scroll.

edit popup

Check back regularly as we look forward to adding more customizable options over the coming days and weeks. Please send us your feedback or ideas how we can make pop ups better.

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