Why we launched Promo Banner

01 Dec 2019 by

2019 was a year of inspiration. We launch Promo Banner at the end of the year because we love the Shopify platform and we wanted to ship a Shopify app on their marketplace fast. Here’s a glimpse into why we chose to build an announcement bar app and how it works.

The idea of an announcement bar is not new and the solution is not very challenging to build, and that made for a good first Shopify app project. Announcement bars help you to highlight timely or important information to your website users by putting a short, high contrast message at the top of the page. It stands out so users can’t miss it. It’s short so that the message is clear and easy to read quickly. If the information is only useful for a short period of time, then hopefully it’s also easy to manage.

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Promo Banner makes it easy for Shopify online store owners to manage an animated announcement bar using an easy to use banner builder. You can customize the colors, a call to action URL, and even add a countdown timer if you have a flash sale you are promoting. Once a banner is built, your online store loads the banner into the shopper’s web browser for every page they visit. Each time the banner loads, we track an impression or banner view. Each time the shopper clicks on the banner, if there is a call to action URL set up, we track a banner click.

Our analytics feature comes set up out of the box so that you can gauge how much of an impact your promo bar is having.

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