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Why should I use Promo Banner?

It’s free and it gives you instance shopper insight such as page visits and banner clicks.

Our 1 step installation process means you don’t have to update your liquid templates or edit your theme. Simply install the app and you’re tracking page visits.

Start customizing banners to track promotional campaigns. Test out different ways of promoting discounts or products to see which wording works best.

Our pop ups come equipped with fun customizable logos and text options. Set a timer to show the pop up a few seconds after a shopper lands on your site. By upgrading to Promo Banner Pro plan you’ll also get a full 30 days of analytics.

What are you waiting for, get started today

Where do I sign up?

Get started by visiting this URL and entering your Shopify Online Store URL.

Where do I log in?

This web application is embedded right inside of your Shopify Online Store administration portal. Log into your Shopify account and locate our tools inside of Admin > Apps > Promo Banner.

embedded admin

How does it work?

  1. Once installed, every time a shopper opens your online Shopify store, our Javascript Promo Banner app is loaded in their browser.
  2. The Promo Banner app loads your live banners and displays them right at the top of the page (or wherever you have them configured). This counts towards your banner views.
  3. If your banner has a URL set up, your banner is clickable. When a shopper clicks anywhere on the banner they’ll be taken to the destination you set up. This counts towards banner clicks. If you don’t have a destination URL set up you can’t have any clicks!

Does it work with Google Ads?

Google Ads is a good tool to promote your shop outside of the Shopify ecosystem, but their rigorous approval process can sometimes warn about potentially malicious scripts. Promo Banner, like any other announcement bar app, is a Javascript tag that adds an HTML snippet to their top of your website and is often flagged as “malicious”. To remedy this situation, we’ve found that Pausing all banners before creating an Ad campaign leads to better outcomes.

How can I upgrade?

  1. Navigate to the Settings page using the top navigation tabs.
  2. Locate the Pro Plan description and click on the “Upgrade now” button.
  3. You will be redirected to a Shopify billing page explaining the charges.
  4. Payments are made through your Shopify invoice once you accept the terms.

Why is it slow to load my banner?

Promo Banner is added to your Shopify store through Shopify’s App Marketplace. If you have many apps added to your online store, then loading them all may take a few seconds. Once a shopper has visited your site once, all of the apps should load much faster on every web page visit after that because the apps are saved in their browser for faster reloading.

We’ve found that often times the most recently installed app is loaded last, making it seem “slower” than other apps you’ve installed in the past. If you have any doubts, please reach out to support@applabs.dev and we’ll be happy to look into it.

How am I billed?

Promo Banner is a Shopify marketplace app and does not charge you directly. All subscription charges are billed through your Shopify invoices. For more information, check out their App charges documentation